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Before you begin shopping around for a new AC unit, you should take a few factors into consideration to ensure you select the ideal cooling solution for your home.

While, you can install or have a friend or family member install a window unit, a central unit requires a professional installation.

A professional installation takes the stress off you. Not to mention, you know you’ll have a working unit and have a company that can answer questions and address concerns both before and after the installation.

Temperature Evenness
When you’re deciding on which unit is right for your house, you must consider the evenness of the temperature. A central air unit keeps your home one solid temperature throughout every room it affects. You never have to walk through hot rooms or limit yourself to one or two areas in your home when it’s hot and humid outside.

For some, a cool temperature throughout every room isn’t ideal. You might want a room that’s warmer or have family members who aren’t in agreement regarding the ideal temperature. The only way you can achieve this with a central AC unit is by closing vents. Even with a blocked off vent, cool air still will travel to that space.

A window air conditioner cools only the space around where you place it. You can position one or more window unit in rooms that you use most, such as your living room and bedroom. You’re fully in charge of which rooms you would like to cool.

Home Value
Because a window air conditioner is an appliance, rather than part of the home, you won’t get any additional money from your home with a window air conditioner, whether you leave it in your home or not. With a central air conditioning unit, you can increase the value of your home.

The main component of your central air conditioning is outside of your home. You never have to move it or find a place to store it.

If you have one or more window units though, you’ll need to find a space to store them. If you opt to leave your ACs in your windows all year to prevent the inconvenience of uninstalling and storing them, you’re increasing your heating bills on cold days. The unit will allow cold air to seep through the tiny crevices around your window unit.

Cost of Installation
The initial cost to install an air conditioning unit and the price of the air conditioning unit itself are factors to consider. Central air is more costly to install than a window air conditioning unit. Part of the installation process may consist of installing vents and ducts to distribute the air throughout your home. These additional installations cost you more than just installing the air conditioning unit.

The air conditioning unit for a central air conditioner is higher than the expense of a window air conditioner. Typically, you’ll spend an average of $150 to $500 on one window unit. If you need more than one, you might find yourself spending over $1,000 for your air conditioners. Even with multiple units, the price is still less than a central air conditioning system.

Cost of Energy Use
Air conditioning is a huge expense for a household throughout the summer, whether you run one window air conditioner or have a central air conditioning unit. Because of how much of your house you’re cooling with a central unit, the price is generally more expensive. However, the cost of central air is worth it for many households. For those who would like to save money or who are comfortable with only certain areas of their home receiving cool air, a window unit is the more convenient option.

Consider cost, convenience, and effectiveness when deciding between a window AC unit and a central air conditioning unit. You also want to think carefully about if cooling your entire home to one temperature is right for your household.

Schedule an appointment with Jeb Air Solutions, serving Houston, TX, and the nearby region, to install central air by contacting us today.

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