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Did you know that around 87% of homes in the US are equipped with air-conditioning units?

Air conditioners are pretty low-maintenance, but small problems do crop up from time to time, especially if your unit isn’t regularly serviced. One of these problems is bad smells. 

If your AC smells bad, it could be because of a number of underlying issues. Read on to discover the various reasons why your air conditioner smells, or call in the experts from Jeb Air Solutions and we’ll do the hard work for you! 

1. Burning Smell

A burning smell coming from your AC could mean one of two things. If the smell only lasts a few minutes, it’s likely caused by dust build-up. This is quite common if you haven’t used your AC in a while.

If the smell is persistent, one of the components within your AC may be burning. In this case, turn off your AC unit immediately and call in a professional to identify the source of the problem.

2. Gas leaks

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous, but natural gas doesn’t have a smell. To help you detect leaks, manufacturers add a chemical called Methyl Mercaptan that smells like rotten eggs.

If you smell this odor coming from your AC, turn off your gas supply immediately, and contact your gas company to repair the leak.

3. Sewer Gasses

Dry P-traps, ruptured sewer vent pipes, and blocked sewer lines can all cause dangerous sewer gasses to leak into your home. 

If the air coming from your AC smells like sewage, call the professionals from Jeb Air Solutions. We offer 24/7 emergency AC repairs in The Woodlands, Houston, Katy, and surrounding areas.

4. Stagnant Water

If your AC smells like dirty feet, clogged condensate drain pans or dirty evaporator coils may be to blame. This prevents water from draining properly, causing it to stagnate and start to smell.

A professional cleaning will fix your stinky AC and leave you with clean, fresh air once again.

5. Dead Animals

Animals will occasionally seek shelter in your ductwork. Unfortunately, these critters sometimes get trapped in the equipment and die. As they start to decompose, your AC will emit a foul smell, similar to rotting food.

Call in a technician to locate and extract the carcass. Prevention is better than cure, so check out these great ways to pest-proof your AC unit

6. Refrigerant Leak

A chemical smell coming from AC units usually indicates a refrigerant leak.  A refrigerant leak not only impacts the performance of your AC but can also lead to health complications like refrigerant poisoning.

Call in a professional technician to address the leak before it causes bigger problems.

7. Mold

If you keep thinking “Why does my AC smell musty?” the answer could be mold. Excess humidity can cause mold to grow within your AC unit. 

If you live in The Woodlands, TX, or the Houston area, set up a maintenance plan with Jeb Air Solutions to ensure your AC stays in tip-top condition.

8. Cigarette Smoke

If you smoke inside your home, your filter and evaporator coil absorb the smell of the smoke. When you next turn on your AC, it will blow the smell of stale smoke into your home.

To prevent this from happening, smoke outdoors and change or clean your air filter every 30 to 60 days.

Solve the Mystery Behind Why Your AC Smells Bad

An air-conditioner is supposed to cool you down, but if your AC smells bad it can make you boil with anger instead. The good news is, Jeb Air Solutions is here to save the day.

Based in Houston, Texas, we offer the highest levels of customer service when maintaining, repairing, or installing your AC unit. 

Contact Jeb Air Solutions for all your air-conditioning needs.

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