Heater and Air Conditioning Maintenance in The Woodlands, TX


Your HVAC equipment is a crucial part of your home, which means it needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. Jeb Air Solutions can help you keep your heater and air conditioner in excellent condition with our heater and air conditioning maintenance services. See how we can help your appliances in The Woodlands, TX.

What We Do

Our skilled technicians can extend the lifespan of your equipment through routine maintenance services. When we come to work on your HVAC, we:

  • Replace filters: After months of use, the air filters in your HVAC can get dirty and clogged. We replace them to make sure your air conditioner or heater can continue to run smoothly.
  • Calibrate thermostats: We make sure that the temperature you set your thermostat to is the temperature your system cools or heats your home to. If it’s off, you could be increasing your electric costs without realizing.
  • Check electrical connections: We inspect the cables and wires connected to your HVAC system to ensure they are in good condition. A damaged connection could lead to a premature replacement in the future.
  • Clear out debris: Whether outside or in, we make sure your HVAC system is free of any debris that could clog the fans or drains.
  • Look over the system: On top of the technical tasks we perform, we also carry out a visual inspection to look for loose parts or problems that need repairs.

With our regular maintenance checkups, you can feel confident that your heater or air conditioner is in the best condition possible and will last for years to come.

Who We Are

With more than a decade of HVAC experience, our maintenance services are thorough and professional. We inspect every part of your HVAC to make sure you can rely on its heating and cooling functions.

Contact us for air conditioning or heater maintenance today.