A person using their thermostat after receiving heating repairs in The Woodlands, TX

Heating Repair and Installation for The Woodlands, TX

Most everyone wants to enjoy a toasty warm house during the biting chill of winter, which is why your heating system is so important. But if your heater doesn't run like it should, you could find yourself shivering through the winter months. For all your repair, maintenance, and installation needs, call Jeb Air Solutions. We offer heating services in The Woodlands, TX.

Our Services

You can trust that we provide all the services you need for your heater.


Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your appliance in good condition. During our regularly scheduled maintenance visits, we look over the system to look for any glaring issues that may result in a costly repair. We replace the filters, check the electrical connections, and clean off any debris or buildup that could hinder your heater’s performance.


Not all problems can be anticipated or prevented, and we are here for these too. After years of use, your heater may face problems like a faulty motor or a clogged vent or drain. Usually, you’ll notice signs to indicate a problem. And when you do, call us for heating repair.


You may need a new heater for a new home or because your old unit has died. Whatever the reason, we help you find the unit that fits your needs. New models are energy-efficient and can offer a number of benefits to your home. But you’ll need to choose the right model and the right size to reap those benefits. We can help you choose the one you want and install it with precision and speed.

Our Company

We have served The Woodlands, TX, for over 10 years and pride ourselves on our quality work. Our team is bilingual in order to meet the needs of all our customers.

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