Heating Unit Maintenance in The Woodlands, TX

Keep yourself from chilly winter days with a well-performing heater. One way to ensure this is through heater maintenance. Jeb Air Solutions can provide quality and thorough heating unit maintenance for your heater in The Woodlands, TX, and the Houston area.

What Components Does a Technician Look at During Maintenance?

While many types of heaters exist, many people own furnaces through a forced-air system. If you have such a system, a technician can look at:

  • The filter: Regular filter changes are key to your heater’s performance. If you haven’t changed your furnace in a while, then a technician can change it for you and recommend when to do so as needed.
  • The ductwork: Ducts can become dirty, leaky, or loose over time. A technician can ensure that ducts are doing well and circulating clean air. If needed, they can clean the ducts.
  • The blower: The blower is a key component of your heater. The technician will ensure it works and clean it as necessary.
  • The combustion chamber: This chamber can build up with dust and soot over time. A technician will check and clean it to ensure top performance.

The technician will look at each component carefully and thoroughly to ensure your heater has no hidden issues. If anything does, they will let you know and provide repairs as needed. Also, if you have another type of heater besides the one mentioned above, your technician can easily go over the maintenance checklist with you.

Why Choose Jeb Air Solutions?

Jeb Air Solutions is committed to helping you have a highly functional heater for years to come. We offer maintenance and tune-ups for all types of heaters for both homes and businesses. We are licensed and insured, which ensures both quality protection and work.

Please call us to schedule your heater maintenance visit at (866) 866-7040. We look forward to helping you!